Tips On Learning How To Use The Gantry Crane System

High Quality Gantry Crane for Business
High Quality Gantry Crane for Business

A gantry crane might be one of the most common types of cranes have are produced. Unlike the ones that you will often see that are helping to construct a skyscraper or building, these are typically indoors, or they will be positioned outside of a facility. Some of the larger ones will be on a rail, or they will have rubber tires, allowing them to maneuver over flat surfaces. These can be extremely large, well over 50 feet high, and they have the capability of lifting more than a thousand tons in some cases. In order to use one of these, you have to become familiar with the controls. Here is a little bit of information about how you can use a gantry crane system.

What Is A Gantry Crane Used For Typically?

A gantry crane is going to be used in indoor settings for lifting containers or pallets of material onto trucks. It can also be used to lift them onto trains if they are outside. If this is a rubber tired gantry crane, this will be at a shipyard, where it will be able to stack containers four or five high. Large where houses will also use these, and some of them are rail mounted, meaning they do not have the flexibility of those with the rubber tire apparatus. Essentially, these are used for stacking and shipping purposes, not so much for building anything as other cranes are used to do.

Professional 40 Ton Gantry Crane for Sale
Professional 40 Ton Gantry Crane for Sale

How Many Cranes Will You Need?

The number of gantry cranes that you are going to need will depend upon the size of your operation. It also depends on what you do particularly at this facility. For example, if you are in the business of receiving loads, specifically containers, and you need to load them from ships onto trucks or trains, you will need as many as you can place on the dock so that you can load and unload ships every day. If this is for a warehouse, it depends on the size of your facility, and the types of products that you are either storing or shipping out from that location. The activities that you do, and the size of your facility, will contribute to how many you decide to purchase.

How To Use A Gantry Crane System

The gantry crane system will likely have a console with different controls. There will be a switch or button to turn it on or off. A lever will allow you to move the trolley laterally, and the hoist up and down. You will also have buttons for emergency stops. Other than that, there are very few other controls. You may have a control that will allow you to grasp something if you are using one for that purpose. Someone can usually learn how to use one in the span of the day. This is true for those that have a console or a control panel that is handheld or remote.

To learn how to use a gantry can system, it will not take very long at all. It’s going to only be a few hours out of your day for a week to become proficient. You may also have videos that you can watch that will show you how to use these real time. Finally, they may actually send someone over to your facility if you have purchased one that is so large and expensive that it merits a personal visit. Regardless of the type you get, you will realize is that they are all easy to use and can be mastered very quickly.